Euthanasia or Pet Burial

Say Goodbye to Your Pet With Dignity and Compassion

Lean on Us

Saying goodbye to your pet companion is always a challenge, but it does not have to be insurmountable. I will treat you and your animal with respect.

Cat and Dog

Comfort at Home

Provide a loving and familiar environment for your pet when the time comes. An In-home euthanasia service is more comfortable for you and your pet.

Decisions Made Easy

Make a knowledgeable and fulfilling decision about aftercare guided by a sympathetic caregiver. I am happy to guide you through the available options.

Trust in Experience

Let yourself be guided by a veteran caregiver, who has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1990. I take the time to listen to your needs and suggest the right solution.

Proven Guidance

Choose the right option for you and your pet after you have said your goodbyes. Service options include group cremation, private cremation, country burial, and a private burial.

Have Questions?

Reach out if you need more information or have questions for me about my process and aftercare. I am here to help. Get in touch for answers.

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