Wellness Visits

Track Your Pet's Health With Wellness Exams

Visit Regularly

Contact Dr Bonnie's Pet House Calls for regular wellness visits for optimum long-term health of your pet. Put my knowledge and dedication to work maintaining your companion's best health. Schedule regular wellness visits to make sure that your pet is as healthy as possible. 

Guinea Pigs

Accepting Many Pets

Schedule your furry or feathered friend for a wellness visit. I am happy to examine dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and birds. Have specific questions? Feel free to ask!

Trim Your Bird

Take the stress out of regular beak, nail, and wing trims for your bird. Be confident that your pet is being handled by a licensed and experienced veterinarian who cares.

Nose to Tail Health

Confirm your pet's alertness, general body condition, skin, eyes, coat or feathers, ears, nose, and mouth. I will also check your pet's internal health for abnormalities.

Get Special Services

Receive the best care from a committed expert for unique needs, such as puppies or kittens repurchase exams, dew claw removal, and tail docking. Dental work is available on Mondays.

Ask for More

If the time has come to say goodbye to your cherished pet, turn to an experienced handler and caregiver who can advise you and lead you through the process.

Photo Gallery

Call us for wellness exams for your pet.
Experienced vet to take care of your pet's health. Contact us
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